Mirage Expansion – The Third Dimension

Milano Design Week 2023

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2023, at the Istituto Marangoni in its Milan location in Via Cerva, Mirage presents the installation MIRAGE EXPANSION: the result of a collaboration between Mirage and the Prisma Project team, a group of young and talented designers who graduated from Istituto Marangoni.

Under the artistic direction of Arch. Giulio Cappellini, the project aims to promote culture in educational settings and give voice to and enhance the designers of the future through new design languages.

The MIRAGE EXPANSION installation showcases the result of this project through design objects such as furniture, accessories, and artworks made by combining Mirage porcelain stoneware with other materials. This is a true legitimization of Mirage porcelain stoneware, which is elevated to the level of noble materials traditionally used in architecture and interior design. Each creation is a unique story of ceramic material expressed in a form different from the traditional and established one.

“I gave the designers great creative freedom in realizing the projects. It was essential to have them visit the company and production in person, to fully understand the countless expressive values of this extraordinary material.”


Our school is a true design hub, where companies can freely experiment and test innovative projects. In this context, the Prisma Project spin-off of the Istituto Marangoni School of Design aims to bring together industry with the best talents trained by the school, as in the case of the MIRAGE EXPANSION project. – Sergio Nava, Istituto Marangoni Milano • The School of Design Director of Education

In Mirage, we believe that design, in its most tangible form, is the most effective tool in the hands of companies to navigate the complex contemporary global context. It is the path that guides innovation and leads to a better quality of life through products, systems, and services. In collaboration with the Prisma Project team at Marangoni, we have found an effective ability to synthesize design and, above all, the great capacity to identify the real balance between function and usability. – Massimiliano Croci, Mirage Marketing Director